Modern jewelry for old fashioned people?

Why shouldn’t men wear pearls? As a sign of a pure and creative character? Wearing pearls is macho. Talking about an exhibition that makes you think.


ARTS- Pearls - Peacock tail - Holland51Up.com*We were to talk about this exhibition.
“‘STYLE DRIVE’, you mean? By Ellie Uyttenbroek?
*I don’t know. Large photos of people with a car and a piece of jewelry.
“Could have been a booklet, you mean?
*I think so. It was just exploratory research, wasn’t?
“Mm, maybe they hope to get more response this way.
*To me the whole thing had a commercial feel about it.
“Too commercial for a museum?
*Oh well, what difference does it make.
“It made me think though. Good idea to make a few pictures of the explanation.
*OK, I got this book from the shelf.
“Ah, ‘The Mating Mind’.
*It’s about the peacock’s tail.
“Exciting! Or not?
*Oh, to the animal it sure is. If its tail is too short it gets no sex partners.
“Ai. And with the longest tail he’s a very busy guy?
*Exactly. It’s a luxury item. Just to show off.
“And the book says jewelry and cars are peacock’s tails?
*Oh no, our brain is. If it comes up with all those luxury items.
“Or use them to win a partner?
*It’s a bit like that. But for the sake of argument, let’s say a piece of jewelry is some sort of peacock’s tail.


ARTS- Pearls - Twin Towers - Holland51Up.com“All right then! And I’ve been Googling on the basis of that explanation at the entrance.
*Now, with people it’s a lot more complicated, of course. Eh, what did it say? On that Board?
“Eh … for example: ‘the Stedelijk in Den Bosch wants jewelry to play a more important role in society once more’.
*Now, that you can call a mission.
“And you won’t believe it. But I found a phd paper that talks about such a plan.
* Oh dear. So suddenly you know a lot more about the subject than me!
“That might be so. It’s by Marianne de Boer. From 2010.
*Mm, so that’s about 7 or 8 years old.
“She says, that people should start wearing jewelry again, that are much more directly related to something special.
*Ah, like wearing a Christian cross.
“That’s right, but then in response to a special event. To share your experience with your social environment. It should be more than just religion.


ARTS- Pearls - Golden car - Holland51Up.com*OK, but in some cases that already happens, doesn’t it?
“You mean, that you identify each other in the things you wear?
*Well, maybe it’s not a good example. Actualy I meant those printed t-shirts. Or Gothic clothing. Or certain music.
“Well, in a way that’s what she means. But the jewelry sector has to catch up with the fashion sector. That’s what the paper says, anyway.
*Oh my! So jewelry is still much to artistic?
“Eh, I think too much focus on the individual. It’s too personal. It should be more social.
*Ai. A change of strategy?
“Right. Less focus on the designer, more on the consumer.
*Wow, that sounds like a well-known marketing narrative, doesn’t it?
“Of course it does. But everything is marketing nowadays, right?
*So that’s why the exhibition?
“I think so. You just can’t stay behind. It should all be more focused to a goal.
*Ah. So actually visited a particular stage within the larger scale of a marketing project.
“Well said! And with the right marketing jargon as well! You get 10 points for that!


ARTS- Pearls - Woman pearls - Holland51Up.com*Very well. But what do you think about the exhibition? Looking back. As a marketing phase?
“Well. Of course it’s a very personal exploration of the builder. Like the explanation stated.
*Sure, but Ellie Uyttenbroek is not just anybody. Says Google.
“To be honest? I think the whole project was too conservative. Too cautious. For an exhibition, I mean.
“Well. Females wore pearls again. Or something creative. And males wore gold again. Absolutely nothing new there.
*Ah. But that was your first reaction too, when we were in the museum.
“True. Can’t help it. No change of opinion there.
*So that’s why you started Photoshopping!
“Right. I think it’s a missed opportunity if you do not try something different in this phase of the project.
*Now, that’s a statement.
“So I put the male models something else around their neck.
*You mean pearls. Or something creative.
“Right. Men also may wear pearls. To underline the purity of their character. Or their creativity.


ARTS- Pearls - Pearls man - Holland51Up.com*But … maybe in some cultures that step is far too great.
“You mean, men with pearls do not look macho enough?
*Right. It’s something you have to dare within your social group.
“Could be. But if you’re still in an exploration phase. Within an exhibition.
*Right there you should try something new, you mean. To set an example. A mindset. ‘ Out-of-the-box ‘.
“That’s what I mean! Thinking ‘Out-of-the-box! How macho is that??
*True. You really need guts to do that.
“Going against the current trend.
*Thinking Independently.
“To take an independent position.
*Now that seems to me a huge Peacock’s tail. Like Junckers kiss.
“What’s that about?
*Ah, it just came to me. That President. Of the European Parliament. The guy who gives everybody a kiss. Women, man, he doesn’t care.
“Yes, I know the guy. Looks a bit mushy, now and then, to be honest.
*But he dares! Being ‘Out of the box’.
“You’re right. There’s your guts. There’s your macho man!
*So all those pictures here, they are your proposals.
“For new meanings of jewelry. That’s right. But slightly more daring.
*So that makes you a macho man too!
“Are you kidding me? From behind my computer? No courage needed there, I would say.


ARTS- Pearls - Stedelijk - Holland51Up.com*BTW, just for my database. Who was the photographer?
“In the Stedelijk? Eh, Otto Snoek.
*Well then. We’re finished.
“Wasn’t the best moment of the week, was it?
*You mean: Sunday afternoon, with all stores open. No. Not really.
“I mean, we could have gone by train. Is no problem whatsoever in Den Bosch,
*Oh well, I’m just old fashioned, I guess. I’d rather drive my car straight into the museum.
“Well, why not? The thing is so small!
*Makes it easy parking for me, doesn’t it?
“Haha. And then getting in line to watch pictures of expensive, macho cars. Under the motto: ‘you are what you drive’.
*Oh no, wait. My motto is: ‘I am, because I drive’.
“Sure. Just dare!
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