A Dutch ghost story

“Just try, during the day, of the top of your head. *Creating ghost images? About the internet? That won’t be easy. “Well, that’s where you need your artists to come in.



ARTS- Ghost - Ghost 1 - Holland51Up.com“Had any pain on your Ddos?
*No, not yesterday. Luckely.
“You think they do it on purpose?
*Eh, those banks.
“Why should they?
“Mm, just to scare people.
*Oh, please! Not again!
“Data-terrorism, through the internet.
*One more of your conspiracy stories?
“That’s what you say. But even the providers are supprised.
*About what?
“That banks just let it happen.
*Mwah. What about carelessness. Nice suit. Nice tie. The food and wine are great. Why care about security issues?
“Talking about being prejudice. Come on now.
*Well. Taking care of the immune system of your customers isn’t sexy work. Behind the screens.
No, you’re right. Doesn’t get you on the news.
*Good news is no news.
“Its only sexy when you build the system just for yourself.
*Right, to get yourself burglar-proof.
“Or do it for your mother, of course.


ARTS- Reunion - Title 2 - Holland51Up.com*Right as well. Look at this one.
“OK, you’ve been photoshopping
*Nice museum, BTW.
“Yeah, we had a good time.
*Look, here he’s still in the museum.
“I remember. Those were your
Alluminium ghosts. They put ‘m very close together. I think.
*And here
“Ah! Doing a speech! Where’s that?
*Eh, United Nations
“Handy! In case you’re not welcome yourself. Mr Trump!
*Easy. Just send your ghost.
“As a hologram. Is a lot cheaper as well. Security issues are very expensive.
*And this one….
“Bending over. I still don’t what he was doing. Wow.
*Fixing his spaceship, of course.
“Look at his trousers. And shoes.
*I thought so too. Like a space suit.
“Those rolled up sleeves don’t look that save to me.
*Be honest now. Did the go to the moon, or not.
“Sure they didn’t! Flying around earth. And filming in the studio.


ARTS- Reunion - Ghost 2 - Holland51Up.com*And this one…
“Mm. Not so sure. He was shooting, wasn’t he?
*That’s what I thought.
“Wow. Robocop! Paul Verhoeven.
*Terror and counter terror.
“How long will that take, do you think?
*Think what? Before they have a real Robocop? The police, you mean?
“People are expensive. And you can build a giant like that for four meters high.
*True. And then you just need a couple..
“Ha, to wipe the city clean.
*Getting a bit inhuman, the whole thing.
“Well I think our law-abiding citizens don’t have any problem with that.
*I shot him from behind too. Here, in the museum…
“Now then. Looks even more indistinct. What is he doing?
*Ha. Singing heavy metal.
“Handy. One day beating up supporters of the local club… and next day performing somewkere else. At a festival.
*Looks a bit boring to me, though. A mechanic artist like that.
“So what? A DJ is just as mechical. And look how many people like it.
*DJ Tesla!
“Carefull. That one is alreadytaken.


ARTS- Reunion - Ghost 1 - Holland51Up.com*I’ve been back, BTW.
“Where? To The Pont?
*Yep, all the way to Tilburg.
“Ah, your just in love with the museum, aren’t you?
*Mm. I wanted to meet my favorite ghost one more time. And take good pictures this time.
“And? Did he still look you in the face?
*Well, in fact, I talked to him.
“You didn’t! In front of every one else?
No. of course not. In my head.
“About what?
*I’m not gonna tell you. Brings to many tears.
“Wow! Heavy!
*Mm. It was nice, actually. Made me feel good.
“And did you put him somewhere else, too?
*Yep. Right here. In Amsterdam.
“Ha. Nice guy for a guiding tour
*Looks good, doesn’t it?
“In the city, with a gasmask. No, looks just fine.
*And here. In the woods.
“I like that one. As a picture. Green and alluminium make a good combination.
“Well. Not as a living creature. You would think something’s wrong with the wood!
*Poisened, you mean. Radiation?


ARTS- Reunion - Ghost 3 - Holland51Up.com“Look. That’s my problem with those sculptures. They’re ghosts, aren’t they?
*That’s right. Geister, they call them. In German. Thomas Schütte made them. Eh, in 1999. In response to nightmares he had.
“Well. I think they are typical 20th century ghosts.
*Why’s that?
“OK. Now you tell me: what did those ghosts do in earlier times?
*Eh, well, mainly scaring people. On a broomstick.
“Right. And what did they never think about?
*Eh…, to put on a gasmask?
“Right again. The old ghosts didn’t need those. But our modern ghost can hardly do without them!
*To defend themselves, you mean?
Correct. Look at those trousers and shoes.
*You’re right. A perfect design. No radiation’s is getting through those.
“Gasmasks on. No problem with any poison gas.
*Gee, on the roll again, are you?
“And…the most important…: they all wear it. Like normal clothes.
“So they’re always well prepaired
*For a terrorist attack, you mean?
“Through the air, through the atmosphere. There you go. There’s you 20th century. In ghost images.


ARTS- Reunion - Ghost 4 - Holland51Up.com*Yikes. But what about that cyber-attack?
“On the banks? Now, that’s your 21th century: terrorism through the internet.
“That’s right. Unheard of, is it? Your modern ghosts. Outdated within 20 years!
“Well, not quite, I would say. Terrorism with F-16’s, that’s still not over, is it?
“No, of course not. But attacking through they internet is a lot more effective, in the end.
*Of a larger scale?
“Oh yes. The panic can be worldwide. And you only need one or two soldiers. In shorts behind their computers.
*Could be bikini’s as well, no?
“Oh sure. But all that is still not implicated in your 20th century ghosts.
*They’re not mine. Thomas Schütte made them.
“So its time for new nightmares.
*Mm. That’s not funny.
“Wasn’t meant to be. But you try. During the day, of the top of your head.
*Creating ghost images? About the internet? That won’t be easy.
“Well, that’s where you need your artists to come in.
*Aye aye, Captain…

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