DAVID LYNCH – There will be light

With only eight lamps David Lynch enlightened my way out of his dark exhibition. And I think, while creating them, his own way out of his own darkness too.


*And we’re back. Right now with Arty from Maastricht. High Arty, how are you doing today?
“I’m doing great. Thanks for having me again.
*OK Arty, what’s up?
“Well, I was eating with some friends the other day. And above their dinner table they had one of those do-it-yourself lamps? Ever seen one of those?
*As a matter of fact I have. Arty. I like’m.
“I scrolled through Google. And Pinterest. Loads of them.
*I know. And a lot of them are very creative.
“And you know what’s so funny about it: Everybody can make them.
*Oh-no. Don’t count me in!

ARTS - David Lynch - Lamp 1 -


“Ah, of course you can.
*Are you gonna talk me into something, Arty?
“Ohoh, I wouldn’t dare. But look at this one. I mean not all things in your house have to be 100% artistically justifiable. It’s the process that counts.
*The process of what? Finding the right tree branche?
“Not only that. The whole creating process is like therapy. Getting the basic idea. Picking the materials you like. Constructing the thing. And the result is always unique. Always personal. A part of you.
*Mm! A part of me hanging on the ceiling? BTW, did you find these on Pinterest?

ARTS - David Lynch - Lamp 2 -


“Yes. And here are some lamps that I found at The Bonnefanten in Maastricht
*At the museum? Ah, so now we’re getting to the artistic part of our talk?
“Made by David Lynch.
*The filmmaker?
“Twin Peaks? Elephant man? But I went to see his paintings. Huge exhibition. Over 500 items.
*Wait, let me Google… Eeh… Someone is in my house?
“Right. Creepy stuff. Black. Dark. Portraying death and decay.
*Wow. That sounds nasty.
“Well, he really got me. I had to go there twice to get it all in.
*Now he suffered from serious depressions himself, didn’t he?

ARTS - David Lynch - Lamp 3 -


“Ehm, I don’t know if he still does. But anyway. On my second visit I saw these lamps. And they were so completely different from, let’s say, his creepy stuff.
*And you’re sure they are made by Lynch?
“100%. So I thought, ‘why not take these lamps out of the museum, and place them in a more homely environment?
*Like you see them on Pinterest?

ARTS - David Lynch - Lamp 4 -


“Right. Like this one…
*Where is it? Oh, there it is. Wow, that looks big!
“And the power cord runs through the tree branche.
*Oh, wait. It’s a tree branche. Re-used as part of a factory.

ARTS - David Lynch - Lamp 5 -


“Haha. And what about this one. A factory too?
*Oh, it’s definitely industrial. With a human face. Very nice! But you have to work a little bit more on your photoshopping.
“The feet, I know. Don’t be too critical.
*But you gave them a lot of space.
“Haha, in a hotel lobby.
*I like that.


“And this one is at my place. The only one that fitted, really.
“Well, as you just said. These lamps need space.
*And attention. Like in a theatre!

ARTS - David Lynch - Lamp 6 -


“Allright! Like actors in a theatre! Oh wait, I got a nice example of that one…..
*Ah, Our queen Máxima! Nice picture.
“Yes, Erwin Olaf made a series of portraits of her. This is one of them.
*She looks…. I don’t know.
“Vulnerable? Now watch this.
*Wow. Two actors on a stage!
“And notice how much stronger she looks, enjoying the company.
*You got any more of those?
“Well, I put the rest on the website. You put the link in there somewhere?

ARTS - David Lynch - Lamp 7 -


*I will. But Arty… What’s your point.
“Wrapping up? Now watch this… This is destruction and suffering, right?
“And now my question is: do you see any destruction here?
*Eh, no. Well.., he uses dead wood, but to create a new light.
“Let me say this: David Lynch tormented me, ánd I guess himself too.
With an endless stream of shades, of his depressions and darkness.
*Ah, but with only eight lamps he enlightened your way out of there.
“And I think, while creating them, his own way out of his own darkness too,
*Thank you, Arty. And we’ll be right back after this….

ARTS - David Lynch -



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