Stefan Kanchev

August 6  –  Bulgarian Logo Design

A paraphrased Wikipedia says: A logo is the central element in a complex identification system of an organization. Therefore, the design of logos is one of the most difficult areas of graphic design.

Two great lines. And in our modern European society, with so much visual overkill, the art of logo design is probably even more difficult than ever before.

Bulgarian visual artist Stefan Kanchev Is one of the great European logo designers of the 20th century. In his homeland referred to as ‘the father of Bulgarian graphic design’ and a ‘master of the trademark.

Now, as with most logo’s you need to see Stefan’s designs in their planned context, to fully understand them. But as inspirational pieces of art they are outstanding!


Always on top of the world (talking about leadership qualities)

Jesus, Muhammed & the Dutch Passion (talking about losing and winning)

A dome over the village (talking about local elections)


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