Eileen Gray

August 6  –  Japanese Laquer Work

Apart from being one of the European pioneers in Modern Arcitecture and a creator of extravagant furniture, Irish designer Eileen Gray might very well be the first westener who really got involved in Japanese lacquer work, around the 1900s.

Here are just a few examples of the many screens she made. Where she finished the panels with up to eight coats of lacquer, making the wooden surface hard and smooth, durable, waterproof, and attractive to feel and look at.

Eileen Gray’s works show an exeptionally creative mind. Open to many diverse, new and inspiring incentives (or stimuli, as we call them today). So, it will be no surprise, that these screens in turn could well be inspirational to some creative minds of today….


Always on top of the world (talking about leadership qualities)

Jesus, Muhammed & the Dutch Passion (talking about losing and winning)

A dome over the village (talking about local elections)


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